Introducing Satoshi’s Vault.

2 min readAug 7, 2023



We have an exciting announcement for you today! We have a fun new project that is designed to allow anyone to earn a revenue share from the SatoshiChain ecosystem and the SatoshiX DEX!

Introducing …

Satoshi’s Vault NFTs


  • Each Vault is eligible for a pro-rata share of an incentive pool of 25 million $SC tokens (vested over 20 months). That’s roughly $1M USD at current $SC price.
  • Each Vault is eligible for a pro-rata share of all $SC earned by SatoshiX DEX annually.
  • Each Vault is eligible for a pro-rata share of 50% of any royalties generated by secondary sales of Satoshi’s Vault NFTs.
  • Vaults can be stacked. There is no max limit per wallet.
  • Anyone who buys 10 Vaults or more is eligible for a Satoshi OG NFT, which will be announced and airdropped in the near future with its own set of benefits and earnings.
  • Additional perks and benefits will be announced over time.
  • Each Vault can be minted for $150 USD value and can be purchased with SATS or XUSD.
  • Vaults will soon trade on the upcoming SatoshiChain NFT marketplace (as well as third party marketplaces).
  • DAO exclusively for Vault holders to vote on further incentives and revenue distributions.

This is a way for every SatoshiChain OG (and even new users) to participate in the revenue generated in the SatoshiChain ecosystem and the SatoshiX DEX.

In addition, as everyone already knows, the $SC you earn can be staked in the upcoming staking platform to earn bitcoin (SATS) from the SatoshiChain foundation’s validator nodes.

The Satoshi’s Vault NFT minting dapp will be announced soon.

Presale for OGs

In the meantime, anyone holding a minimum of 250 $SC in their wallet can reserve their Satoshi’s Vault NFT now at a pre-sale price of $100 USD value. To reserve your Satoshi’s Vault NFT now, send $100 USD worth of either SATS or XUSD to: 0xd908682020655FD50868a1Bbcb7D7B8dC4388eda

To get SATS or XUSD, just use to bridge your BTCB or WBTC into SATS, and USDT into XUSD.

As always, thanks for supporting SatoshiChain! We will have more announcements soon, we are working on many more very big things that everyone is going to get super excited about in the near future, so stay tuned! | | |




SatoshiChain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to complement the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency.