Introducing xSatoshi ($XSC): SatoshiChain’s Multi-Chain Ambassador

3 min readSep 20, 2023


In the diverse world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology, interoperability has become more than just a buzzword. It’s the lifeblood of a thriving ecosystem. As more blockchains and tokens arise, it has become crucial to create pathways that ensure seamless interaction between these different networks. One of the blockchain networks aiming to make its mark is SatoshiChain, and its cross-chain ambassador is the xSatoshi ($XSC) token.

What is xSatoshi ($XSC)?

xSatoshi ($XSC) is an innovative cross-chain token birthed with three significant goals in mind:

  • Raise Awareness: To shine a spotlight on SatoshiChain by ensuring its visibility across various networks and ecosystems.
  • Rewarding Loyalty: $XSC is designed to offer residual earnings to its holders, enhancing the attractiveness of holding onto this token.
  • Ecosystem Expansion: The proceeds and operations surrounding $XSC will significantly support the rapid expansion and growth of the SatoshiChain ecosystem, its ongoing development, and associated projects.

The Rollout Phases:

  • Sacrifice Event: An initial event where participants can offer their tokens as a sacrifice to be part of the xSatoshi’s inception.
  • Launchpad Sale: Following the Sacrifice Event, there will be a Launchpad Sale, enabling a broader community to acquire the token.
  • Consecutive Network Launches: The mission of ensuring SatoshiChain’s presence will be realized by launching $XSC across multiple networks. Starting with BNB chain and Ethereum, the expansion will continue onto networks like Base, Polygon, and others as per community interest and strategic alignment.

Taxation Model — Ensuring Sustainable Growth:

The tax system of $XSC is both simple and purposeful:

  • A 5% tax on buys and a 5% tax on sells.
  • For every market transaction (buy/sell), an auto-conversion swap-back to WBTC is activated.
  • However, there’s good news for users who simply wish to transfer their tokens: No tax will be imposed on standard wallet-to-wallet transfers.

How is the Tax Used?

The collected tax is distributed strategically to ensure growth, sustainability, and rewards:

  • 33% goes into the Marketing Fund, ensuring that SatoshiChain and $XSC consistently gain visibility.
  • 24% is channeled to the Liquidity Fund. This is then split evenly between bridges and the SC Liquidity Pool, ensuring stability and smoothness in trades.
  • 18% is allocated to the Development Fund, which will propel SatoshiChain’s technological progress.
  • 13% is reserved for the BuyBack Fund. This fund is further split between SC, XSC, and SX, strengthening the token’s market presence and stability.
  • Lastly, 12% is directly given Back to Holders as a gratitude gesture for their trust and commitment.

The Future of xSatoshi ($XSC):

xSatoshi ($XSC) isn’t just another token in the market; it’s a token with a mission. Its design is aimed at benefiting its community while pushing SatoshiChain to new horizons in the crypto world. Whether you’re an investor, a crypto enthusiast, or someone looking for the next big thing, keep an eye on $XSC.

Get Involved with xSatoshi ($XSC)

For those intrigued by the potential of xSatoshi and the broader SatoshiChain ecosystem, now is the time to delve deeper. Explore all the nuances, upcoming events, and opportunities to be part of this revolutionary blockchain journey.

Visit for detailed information, updates, and more. Remember, in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, staying informed and engaged is key to making the most of every opportunity.

COMING VERY SOON: The SatoshiChain Foundation DAO, The Legacy $SC Staking dApp, and the long awaited BTC network bridge. Stay tuned!




SatoshiChain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to complement the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency.