SatoshiChain Partnership Announcement

2 min readMar 22


Satoshichain Partners with Croshi for DeFi Expansion and Growth

Satoshichain, an innovative EVM-compatible blockchain, has announced a strategic partnership with Croshi, a prominent player in the DeFi sector. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between the BTC world and decentralized finance, allowing users to access DeFi on the Satoshichain platform through EVM-compatible smart contracts.

Short-term Objectives:

  • Launching new dApps on the SatoshiChain testnet
  • Increasing brand visibility for both parties
  • Providing marketing for Croshi as more users interact with the testnet

Long-term Goals:

  • Introducing Satshi, Croshi’s third token, to the ecosystem
  • Official chain launch scheduled for June 1st

Mutual Benefits:

For Croshi:

  • Free marketing to a wide audience
  • Comprehensive dApp testing
  • Enhanced brand recognition

For Satoshichain:

  • Increased testnet engagement and bug discovery
  • Exposure to the Croshi community for marketing purposes

Potential Satshi Launch:

In the event of a Satshi token launch, the partnership has agreed on various terms, such as:

  • Flagship token launch on the new chain
  • Complimentary listing on the decentralized exchange
  • Inclusion in initial chain marketing efforts
  • Granting access to innovative ideas

Benefits for Croshi Holders:(Subject to Change)

  • Receiving 30% of their holdings in Satshi tokens
  • A 1% tax applied to transactions during the first week
  • Payouts proportional to holdings for staking Satshi for four weeks

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SatoshiChain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to complement the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency.