SatoshiChain Proudly Announces Collaboration with InfStones

2 min readMay 22, 2023

We at SatoshiChain are absolutely thrilled to announce our latest strategic collaboration with InfStones, who are set to run a validator node on the SatoshiChain network.

Our commitment to decentralization, security, and transparency has been the cornerstone of our vision since the beginning. As we continue to build a more robust and democratic platform, we are always on the lookout for like-minded collaborators that resonate with our values. Today, we are ecstatic to welcome such a collaborator in InfStones.

InfStones — An Industry Titan

For those who may not be familiar, InfStones is the world’s largest Proof of Stake (PoS) infrastructure provider. Their unparalleled experience and expertise in managing PoS nodes for numerous networks make them an ideal collaborator for SatoshiChain.

InfStones has a proven track record in the blockchain industry. They have successfully managed PoS nodes for some of the biggest names in the blockchain space. This includes Polkadot, Cardano, and Solana, among others. Their commitment to security and reliability aligns seamlessly with our own values here at SatoshiChain.

The Significance of a Validator Node

Validator nodes are a critical component of any PoS blockchain network. They are responsible for validating transactions and adding new blocks to the chain. In essence, validators are the guardians of the network, maintaining the blockchain’s integrity and security.

InfStones’ role as a validator will bring enhanced security, improved transaction efficiency, and strengthened network robustness to the SatoshiChain network. Their experience and vast resources will also facilitate the further growth and development of our ecosystem.

A Collaborative Future

We are not just welcoming InfStones as a validator node operator, but also as a strategic collaborator that will contribute to our network’s continued growth and success. InfStones’ technical prowess and deep industry insight will be instrumental in helping SatoshiChain navigate future challenges and opportunities.

Through this collaboration, we aim to accelerate the development of our ecosystem, advance our technological capabilities, and ultimately deliver a superior blockchain platform that meets the evolving needs of our users.

We are excited about this journey and the shared vision of fostering a more open, decentralized, and secure blockchain world. SatoshiChain and InfStones together will take strides towards achieving this vision.

Thank you to our dedicated community for your continued support. We are proud to share this important milestone with you, and we’re confident that many more exciting developments are on the horizon.

Stay tuned for further updates, and let’s continue to build a better blockchain future together!







Stay decentralized!

Christopher Kuntz — Co-founder of SatoshiChain




SatoshiChain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to complement the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency.