SatoshiChain Unveils New Epoch in Anticipation of Mainnet Launch

3 min readMay 4, 2023


Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi

SatoshiChain, the EVM compatible blockchain using Bitcoin as the base layer token, is gearing up for its highly anticipated Mainnet launch on June 1st. As part of the preparations, we have rolled out what is anticipated to be the final iteration of our testnet to ensure a seamless transition. This significant move aims to provide a more robust and reliable network for users while also laying the foundation for the Mainnet launch.

The initial testnet saw tremendous user engagement, with over 130,000 wallets created, 3.5 million transactions processed, 12,000 contracts deployed, and thousands of NFTs minted. This invaluable experience has greatly contributed to the development and optimization of the network.

Getting Connected to the New Testnet

If you are already familiar with the process of connecting to the SatoshiChain network, there is no need to worry about any changes. All information remains consistent, and you can follow the same instructions as before. For first-timers, you can find the necessary steps here

Newcomers can also learn about the incentivized testnet and airdrop campaign in this article

SatoshiChain’s Sacrifice Event and Validator Slots

SatoshiChain is currently hosting a sacrifice event as a token of appreciation for early contributors. A sacrifice event is an opportunity for participants to contribute to the project and receive rewards in return. Participants in this event are rewarded with a 100% bonus until May 31st. For more information on this special event, click here

In addition, SatoshiChain is making a last call for validator node operators. Interested parties can apply for the few remaining validator slots for the Mainnet launch. To learn more about this opportunity, check here

What About My Satoshis?

Rest assured that all your progress has been saved and will be considered for your airdrop allocation. Airdrop allocation refers to the distribution of tokens to users based on their participation and contribution to the network. However, you will be starting afresh on the new testnet. This presents an excellent opportunity for users to try out the latest iteration of the chain in preparation for the Mainnet launch.

It is important to remember that testnet tokens are purely for testing purposes. Your airdrop allocation will be based on your chain usage, not the number of Satoshis you have accumulated.

Looking Forward to Mainnet Launch

The entire SatoshiChain team is incredibly excited about the progress of our project and eagerly awaits the Mainnet launch on June 1st. We continue to work hard to bring users a decentralized platform that adds to the DeFi space by integrating Bitcoin directly into DeFi.

Stay Connected and Get Involved

To keep up with the latest developments and join the growing community, be sure to connect through the following channels:







Share your thoughts and experiences with SatoshiChain by connecting with the community through the channels mentioned above. Together, we can shape the future of blockchain technology by bringing Bitcoin to the forefront of the DeFi space.

Stay decentralized!

Christopher Kuntz — Co-founder of SatoshiChain




SatoshiChain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to complement the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency.