The SatoshiChain Airdrop Has Landed

3 min readJul 20, 2023


As the development of SatoshiChain progresses daily and the long-awaited airdrop has finally landed, it’s time to dive into the details and answer your most pressing questions.

The Allocation Breakdown

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the airdrop, but what exactly does it entail? In total, 15% of your allocation will be unlocked immediately, upfront. What about the rest? The remaining 85% will be vested via the app. This is according to our vesting terms, where 5% will be released monthly over the next 20 months, beginning the following month after the airdrop.

Securing Your Airdrop & Putting It To Work

So, how do you claim this windfall? First, ensure you have bridged some Satoshis at Then, sign in to the VTVL app using the wallet you participated in the airdrop with. Once you are logged in, you can claim your $SC tokens.

Once you’ve secured your tokens on SatoshiChain, they will be listed as $SC tokens on the Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The SatoshiChain governance token contract address is 0x8765cc23317371586a6c5Bbb96264F2Bf715a40E if needed.

With your $SC tokens, you have several options — you can choose to sell your allocation, you can ‘hodl’ your allocation in preparation of future staking, voting, and proposal opportunities, or you can stake it to earn more rewards. Obviously we’d recommend NOT selling, because the best is yet to come, but we understand if you need to do so.

One way to put your $SC tokens to work for you is to pair them with $XUSD. or $SATS and provide liquidity on SatoshiX DEX. You can then deposit your LP tokens into the Yield Farms in the ‘farms’ section of SatoshiX and earn rewards.

In the near future, we’ll also introduce a staking contract that allows users to stake $SC to directly earn bitcoin (BTC) validation rewards in a proportional manner. This opens up another rewarding avenue for our token holders to earn $SATS from SatoshiChain transaction fees.

Remember — you will need to have $SATS on chain for gas to claim, transfer, sell or stake your $SC tokens. You will need to bridge $WBTC, $BTCB, or $BTC (coming soon) into $SATS at


If you believe your airdrop allocation was incorrect, or there was an error in accounting, please fill out this form:

Mistakes happen, and we had to analyze nearly one million addresses for this airdrop to weed out bots, scammers, and people trying to game the system. It’s definitely possible we got something wrong. That being said, please do not ask for help about the airdrop via Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or other social media platforms. Filling out the above form will be required to investigate airdrop discrepancies.

What’s Next?

We are working on a lot of things over the coming weeks, including integrating some big name protocols who are bringing their projects onto SatoshiChain, finishing the BTC network bridge, and ramping up our SatoshiChain marketing campaign. Stay tuned for more announcements in the very near future.

A Word of Thanks

We want to take a moment to express our gratitude. This journey would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our testers and the unyielding support of our community members. It’s thanks to you that SatoshiChain has come to life, and we’re excited to see where this journey takes us.

In conclusion, the SatoshiChain Airdrop isn’t just an event; it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to be a part of a new blockchain evolution and reap the rewards. So, get ready, stay informed, and let’s usher in a new era of blockchain tech with SatoshiChain.

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SatoshiChain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to complement the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency.